Family isn't just about posed smiles; it's about capturing genuine, stylish moments filled with love and laughter. Our family photoshoots are your ticket to timeless memories, professionally crafted to showcase your family's authentic cool. Let's dive in and explore how we elevate your family's story with a touch of modern flair.

All packages are subject to travel fees when choosing a location more than 15 miles from Pavilion, NY. A non-refundable deposit will be charged at the time of booking.


Maple Package - $150

The deep, interconnected branches of a maple tree represent the intricate connections within a family. Each branch tells a unique story, yet they all stem from the same source, much like the diverse individuals who make up a family unit.

This package is for everyone! Capture your family's personality and style.

  • 1 location
  • parents & children
  • 20 minutes
  • 12 guaranteed photos
  • pets included

Redwood Package - $250

Much like the redwoods that have stood the test of time, families, too leave a legacy that endures. Shared stories, values, and traditions are passed down, reminding us of our roots and the strong foundation that a loving family provides. Redwoods symbolize the continuity and resilience of family ties through generations.

This package is for all the aunts, cousins, grandparents, and anyone else that makes up your family!

  • up to 1 hour
  • unlimited family members
  • 25 photos

Additional Time and Pictures may be purchased! Contact me for a quote.

Have other ideas?

If you feel like your shoot does not fit into one of these categories don't hesitate to contact me so we can custom tailor a session to you and your families needs!